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We are Done Shipping for 2017

Our hand crafted floral quality live Christmas wreaths are made with heavy North Woods Fir Boughs.

We are Done Shipping for 2017

Fraser Fir are one of the most beautiful of real Christmas trees. Foliage is soft to the touch, dark green top with silvery underside.

For the prices of the Trees when you come out to our Farm,
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We are Done Shipping for 2017

Evergreen Christmas Centerpieces are made with live greens and when watered regularly will remain fresh throughout the holiday season.

We are Done Shipping for 2017

Balsam Fir is best known as the Scent of Christmas and our garland says Merry Christmas each time you smell it.

Wood Dried, Hand harvested wild rice on lakes in Minnesota.
Collected in the native sugar maple woods of central Minnesota and cooked down with wood fire giving you some of the best tasting maple syrup.
These handcrafted birch bark crafts make great rustic gifts.
This Stand Holds Trees Up To 10' High With 6" Diameter trunk.